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Network in Chicago

Network in Chicago lists all the networking events in Chicago. There are so many that this goal seems to be unreachable.

Expat groups

Expatriates in Chicago meet mainly through their own networks, i.e. mainly at work or very often at the children’s school. There are also associations by nationalities whose aims are to welcome expats from the same country and organize social events for them. Here are some examples:

Name and website Details
French in Chicago: French people only. Activities related to French culture. Soccer.

Groupe Professionnel Francophone:

People from any countries but speaking French. Cultural events related to France, sports and business. The group meets every last Thursday of each month from 5:30 pm at the Great Street Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel (State & Wacker).

InterNations - the Network for Expatriates and Global Minds!

InterNations is a worldwide network of expatriate people. There is a group in Chicago. You have to join on the web.

Skando Chicago (Skandinavian Social Club):

This social club for Scandinavian people (Norwegian, Danish and Swedish) serves Chicago’s young Scandinavian community by hosting bi-weekly pub nights, annual events, and year-round sporting activities.

Swiss Club of Chicago:

The Swiss Club objective is to cultivate friendly Swiss-American relations, to maintain the Swiss heritage and to provide a forum for cultural exchange and social gatherings. Organize event such as Fondue, Raclette, ski weekends, etc….

UFEC (Union des Français de l’Etranger de Chicago): Association of French abroad living in Chicago.

This association organizes social events for French people living in Chicago: karting, bowling, French restaurants, networking events, etc. …

United German-American Societies of Greater Chicago:

Cultural events around the German culture.

Business and Professional Organizations

Name and website Details

British American Business Council in Chicago

Its mission is to broaden trade and commercial goodwill between the United States and Great Britain.

Networking events, after hours, annual Gala

Business Network Chicago

BNC is a network for professionals offering extensive offline and online networking opportunities to the Chicago business community.

Networking events, online groups, face-to-face group, after hours.

French American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago

The FACC’s goal is to promote and develop commercial and financial relations between France and the United States in Chicagoland.

Seminars and conferences, business meetings, networking events.

German American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago