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When it comes to safety and security in Chicago, the best advice to follow is to avoid the South and West side of the city as much as possible. Those areas are, unfortunately, places of poverty and violence. The South Side is the most troubled and dangerous part of the city. There is not a day without an article in the newspapers about shootings, assault and battery in that area. Chicago is also the city of gangs. It is part of its history. Numerous gangs are active in the South and West Side and they regularly shot each other in the street, killing innocent people.

Youth violence is also a huge problem in the Chicago school system. The teen gang violence has increased alot in the last three academic years. Victims are mainly African American and Hispanic males. Most of the teen gang is located in the South Side.

Some figures:

Homicides in general:

Years Number of homicides in the city of Chicago
2007 442
2008 509
2009 453