How well do you know Brussels? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Which of the following has become a recognized symbol of Brussels?

2. Which of the following areas is referred to as the “Belly of Brussels?”

3. Europe’s oldest shopping centre is located in Brussels, what is its name?

4. Which of the following Brussels attractions is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site?

5. How many municipalities are there in the Brussels capital region?

6. In which two languages are information throughout the city displayed?

7. Brussels is home to the fifth largest church in the world. What is its name?

8. William of Orange made his triumphant entry into Brussels, Belgium in?

9. Following the Treaty of Rome, Brussels was nominated the headquarters of the European Union in?

10. President Reagan arrived in Brussels, Belgium, for the first NATO summit in six years in?

11. The European summit in Brussels formally launched the euro, confirming 11 states as initiators of the currency in?

12. Brussels officially became the capital of Europe in?

13. If you are invited to someone’s house in Brussels for dinner you should not give them chrysanthemums?

14. If you are having dinner with someone who is Flemish, you can expect to raise your glass twice?

15. When eating with people in Brussels you should always finish your food?

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Five top tips

01Learn French or Dutch, especially if you are coming long-term. If you have children this is even more important and will assist them to integrate.
02Learn the Belgian rules of the road as they are a little different to other places and can be complicated.
03Join expat groups by all means but remember that Belgians do exist too, and many expats make the mistake of never getting to know them properly.
04Make the most of summer. Winters are wet, cold and gloomy and involve largely indoor activities.
05Bring as many personal documents as possible (birth, driving, examination certificates), they will help in many different bureaucratic situations.

Interesting fact

Brussels averages 5 restaurants per square mile.