Dramatic history, bewitching scenery, diverse cultures and majestic cities, Europe is a truly fascinating continent that provides expatriates with an opportunity to experience unique cultures set in beautiful surroundings.

It is very difficult to define living in Europe in one short overview. However, it is sufficient to say that Europe really does it all: fiercely beautiful coastal areas, cities that brim with culture and fascinating histories, vast mountain ranges, quaint idyllic villages, stunning natural lakes… the list goes on.

While the standard of living is very high in the majority of European destinations, so is the cost. That, coupled with language barriers, difficulties in gaining work permits and the lack of jobs for people who herald from outside Europe, mean that living here is often a dream that many people do not fulfill. However, Europe does continue to attract expatriates from all over the world and those who do manage to get their foot in the door are usually satisfied with the cultural beauty, universal health care, strong infrastructure, education systems and socially liberal attitudes on offer.

Ease of travel between many European cities makes this an explorer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking to explore the amazing architecture, world-class art, museums, gardens and parks of Paris; while away the afternoon in smoke-filled coffee shops in Amsterdam; experience the historic sights of London; enjoy the warm Mediterranean hospitality on offer in Madrid or sample the sauerkraut and lederhosen in Berlin, there is a seemingly endless amount of fascinating places to experience.

If you are relocating to Europe, be prepared for an experience that is both thrilling and bewildering.

Explore the endless beauty of this fascinating continent with our expatriate guides.

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