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Expats! This is How Easy You Can Open a Bank-Free Account in Spain!

Finding a banking account designed for international communities seems almost impossible at times! It definitely helps if one can find a way to make it easier. There is a way you can take just five minutes to open a no hidden fees and hassle free account?  There is a great solution that is available  via the the Smile Account which allows you to have a bank-free account in Spain, Belgium or France.

This is a practical, but also amazing solution for expatriates & global nomads!

3 reasons to get this basic bank-free account as an expat

There are many reasons why you should open the Smile Account. But to make it easy for you, we’ve summed them up in three:

  • You can save money and time: by opening a Smile Account you will get a free Mastercard and superApp, as well as discounts on your money transfers abroad. 
  • Designed for the foreign resident community: it’s easy to open and comes with 24/7 multilingual support.
  • No hassle: you don’t need a bank to open this current account, forget the hassle of traditional banks and start managing your finances abroad the easy way.

An accessible account is a great step forward for the financial inclusion of foreign residents.

Open your Smile Account in the blink of an eye

If you’re interested in opening a bank-free account with Smile, all you need is the following, it’s that easy! (you only need to carry out these few requirements):

  • Identity document: DNI or residence permit, or also passport if you are in Spain.
  • Proof of residence: recent bill (mobile phone, electricity or any other), rental lease agreement, residence certificate or another official document that shows your address.
  • Mobile numberz
  • E-mail address
  • An initial deposit of €5: that €5 is yours, you can spend it whenever you want.

Easy peasy, right? Once you have everything ready (which we assure you will not be complicated), you must register at or in our Moneytrans super app. There you should complete your personal information (your name and not much else), you will receive an email to validate your account. From there, log in using your email or social media profile. Click on “Smile Account Mastercard”, where you can open it. And it’s as simple as that!

You can also open your Smile Account at a branch

Should you prefer to have personalized attention during this process, you can open your bank-free account at one of Moneytrans branches (there are more than 3,000 available in Spain, Belgium and France). There are agents who will assist and solve any questions you may have. 

An account for your day-to-day life in Europe

It’s simple. The Smile Account is the perfect account for your daily transactions. What can you exactly do with it?:

  • Send money: you have discounts on your money transfers abroad and two SEPA transfers for free per month.
  • Pay in shops or online worldwide with your Mastercard.
  • Receive payments: salary, pension, allowances…
  • Make deposits into your account: in a branch or online.
  • Pay invoices: by direct debit or by bank transfer.
  • Mobile top-ups: anywhere in the world.

Everything global nomads can expect from an account (and maybe a little more) without the restraints of traditional banks.

When will I receive my free Mastercard debit card?

Sooner than you think! Within 5 to 10 days of opening your Smile Account, your Mastercard will be knocking at your door. Your Mastercard is the financial freedom you deserve, it’s accepted worldwide!

Can I open a current account without a bank?

Yes. Banks are not the only account providers, licensed payment institutions such as Moneytrans current accounts with all the security and guarantees of a traditional bank. This way, Moneytrans focuses on making foreign residents’ daily life easier with a solution that not only unifies their finances but also permits them saving time and money.

In conclusion

Thanks to Moneytrans’ partnership with Mastercard, you can receive the latest generation nominative payment card with no income requirements and with no drawbacks of traditional banks. In short, the Smile Account was made to make your life a lot easier by providing bank-free account. If this interests you, what are you waiting for? Start transacting today! It’s not only easy to open, it’s also easy to use. You will have a lot to smile about with the Smile Account!

(This is a sponsored article)

David Tompkins
Author: David Tompkins