Global Nomad

How do You Become a Global Nomad?

The global nomad or digital nomad lifestyle that combines work and travel is the dream for many. But some people think it is far-fetched and unattainable and many surrender their hopes of being a global nomad by thinking “it’s too hard”. Like anything, setting yourself up as a digital nomad does take patience, dedication and creativity but becoming one can be more straightforward than you think.

Here are some tips to get you started as a global nomad:

Decide what type of work will you do

There are many different types of digital nomads that offer you the chance to capitalize on your skills and make money online. One option is to become a business owner and sell products online. Another avenue into the nomad world is to become a freelancer and offer a service such as writing, photography or tutoring. There are also global nomads who are employed by a company and receive a salary but are able to work remotely.

Start brainstorming what type of digital nomad work appeals to you the most and how you can monetize your skills online.

Start a website

Once you have decided on the type of nomad you will be, you should start marketing your brand, services and/or product immediately. A website is the best way to showcase your stuff and it is the easiest way for prospective clients to see if they want to hire or work with you.  Websites are very affordable and using companies such as Squarespace or WordPress makes setting one up very straightforward. 

Reduce your expenses 

If you are serious about being a global nomad then it is wise to stash away some savings before hitting the road. This will take the financial pressure off you when you quit your 9-5 and start your online freelance business. Moving countries also can be expensive and stressful but having a bit of extra cash to enjoy sangrias in Spain or tacos in Mexico when exploring your new home makes the whole transition a lot more enjoyable. 

Dive in headfirst and learn through trial and error 

Most digital nomads got to where they are today just by trial and error. You become a good copywriter by writing. You learn how to be a social media consultant by becoming adept with social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. So many digital nomads didn’t have a clear-cut plan when they started their business. They just began with a basic website and started networking. A couple of years later they had built up enough income from these few clients to travel full-time with. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss and throwing yourself in the deep end is truly the best way to learn.

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Pick a destination 

Start researching some countries you could work as a digital nomad. Do the beaches of Bali entice you? Or would you prefer the villages of Germany? If you base yourself in a place that has a relatively modest cost of living but your clients are based in a country with a stronger currency then you will be able to make much more profit and therefore have more to spend. Some countries are easier than others to secure digital nomad visas so make sure you consider this.

Although the current pandemic seems never-ending, it can provide the perfect opportunity to work towards your post-Covid world of being a digital nomad and travelling full-time. Keep in mind that if you plan to move abroad or already living as a global nomad, it is vital to buy an international health insurance policy that will cover you globally and not exclude COVID-19. Many countries are requiring expats to be covered by a global health policy that will not exclude COVID.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk