Expat Book Review: One Year in Wonderland

One Year in Wonderland: A True Tale of Expat Life in Dubai written by Christopher Combe, tells the story of how Chris swaps life in North Yorkshire for the tax-free living and the year-round sunshine on offer in Dubai.

The book is built from blog entries that the author wrote while living in Dubai and takes the form of a diary. It offers a great introduction to what life in Dubai is really like for the average expat; be it securing appropriate healthcare, drinking alcohol legally, navigating swathes of red tape or the stark contrasts between the bling of the immense skyscrapers alongside the gritty lives of the construction workers that build them, the novel offers a true insider’s view of expat life in the city.

One of the biggest appeals of the book is that the entries within it are described in an amusing and down-to-earth fashion. Reading the book you can really get to grips with Chris’ emotions and outlook as he slowly and steadily discovered what life in Dubai is really like for an expatriate. While the book won’t provide a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about living in Dubai, it will give you solid insights into some of the challenges, trials and tribulations you can expect to face, alongside the perks, highs and privileges.

If you are considering moving to Dubai then the book is certainly worth a read. It is important to bear in mind the fact that it was written five years ago and hence life in the UAE city will have changed since then, but nevertheless it offers valuable insights into moving, settling down, and living in Dubai.

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk