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Five Reasons Why Expats Flock to Singapore

Singapore has earned itself a reputation for being somewhat soulless yet, despite this, countless expatriates have moved to the city only to find that it ticks all the boxes and offers them an amazing lifestyle. Here’s our lowdown on five things that many expatriates love about Singapore.

1) It’s safe

The strict laws and even stricter penalties in Singapore entail that Singapore is a great place for good people and a terrible place for bad people. Having one of the lowest crime rates in the world coupled with the fact that there have been no natural disasters recorded in the entire history of Singapore, it’s no surprise that expatriates that call this city their home feel safe and secure living here.

2) It’s truly multicultural

What does a Singaporean actually look like? There’s no clear answer to this because Singapore really does consist of people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Take a short stroll down an average supermarket aisle and you will run into people from China, Malaysia, India, the USA, England, Japan… the list is endless. Best of all, Singapore celebrates its multicultural composition by selecting public holidays that cover a good cross section of religious celebrations, accumulating to a grand total of 11 extra days off work. This, coupled with Singapore’s racial harmony campaign entails that it really is a country where people can celebrate their religions and traditions freely and openly.

3) You only need one wardrobe

In Singapore it’s summer all the time and if the weather is anything, it is decisive: when it’s sunny, it’s sunny; when it’s raining, it rains properly- either way it is hot. This makes it much easier to select an outfit in the morning and means that you can create a wardrobe that consists primarily of summer clothes with maybe just one or two warmer items when you venture to colder climes.

4) There’s always something to do

Singapore is right up there on the list of top cities that never sleep. Shops stay open until late and there are plenty of nightclubs and bars where expatriates literally party all night. If you prefer peace and quiet, there are plenty of places to take a well-lit late night stroll and embrace the great atmosphere and ambience on offer throughout the island.

5) The tax rate is low

Singapore has long held a reputation for having one of the lowest tax rates in the world but this year the news got even better for expatriates when the Singapore government actually cut individual income tax rates. Now, those that have an average income between $80,000 and $120,000 SGD only pay a marginal tax rate of just 11.5%, meaning that expatriates get to keep hold of more of the hard-earned cash.

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk