Mumbai preview


You'll quickly discover that, overall, Mumbai is not a child-friendly city. However, if you find ways to entertain your kids, it is very possible for families to enjoy their time in Mumbai.

On the downside, Mumbai can definitely be a stressful place for parents and their children. Streets are overcrowded with cars, people, beggars, hawkers, and stray dogs. The air is polluted and hot, and there are few playgrounds or parks like those in Europe, the US, or Canada. To top it off, the incidence of contagious diseases is high, while the standards of sanitation are low, making extra precautions and vaccinations necessary. So, even though the sun shines on most days, a lot of expat families spend more time indoors than usual.

But there are positive aspects of Mumbai life for families.

Unlike in western countries, expats can hire a full-time maid or nanny for about $200.00 per month. Having domestic help in the house frees up mom to pursue work, hobbies, and social activities, or to spend more quality time with the kids.

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