Buenos Aires preview


Carrefour (http://www.carrefour.com.ar/) can be found in many barrios in the city. At the larger stores, you can do anything from buying groceries, to refilling prescriptions, to purchasing eye glasses, and there are smaller versions scattered throughout the city that still carry the best variety of groceries and pre-packaged meats. One thing that can be frustrating in Argentina is buying meat, because for the most part, you have to direct the butcher as to the type of cut that you want. So the luxury of the beef being ground, separated, and packed into one kilo size, or chicken breasts being separated from the whole chicken, is something that many expats greatly appreciate. The prices at Carrefour are competitive, as compared to some of the smaller supermercados, such as Disco (see below), but you'll frequently have to go a bit more out of your way to find one. As with all the major chains in the city, Carrefour offers home delivery, or 'envios a domicilio,' at no extra charge (be sure to tip your delivery man).

Jumbo (http://www.jumbo.com.ar/) has an extensive selection of food, but fewer locations -- the best one is located off of Avenida Bullrich in Palermo. (The web site lists which buses will take you to their stores -- a very useful online tool.) Jumbo's international offerings include peanut butter, soy sauce, rice noodles, gluten-free crackers, French and Spanish wines (a rarity in this malbec-soaked country), as well as a wide selection of meats and fish. It is very difficult to find fresh fish and seafood, and Jumbo does a good job of keeping their fish market stocked.

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