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ECA International releases the most expensive cities for expatriates in 2013

Last week ECA International released their 2013 report highlighting the most expensive cities for expatriates around the world. Due to a weakened Yen Tokyo…. Read More

As rents fall in Hong Kong and Singapore a housing shortage causes rents to rise in Bangkok

Expats in Hong Kong and Singapore are able to breathe a small sigh of relief as rents at the top end of the market finally seem to be dropping, if only a small…. Read More

UAE based expats like to live it up

Recent research produced by the insurance group Standard Life has found that the majority western expats based in the UAE tend to spend part of their income…. Read More

Singapore to impose further rules on expatriate hirings

As of August 2014 companies in Singapore will have to prove they have tried to recruit a local citizen before hiring an expatriate. Whilst companies with 25 or…. Read More

World’s Most Expensive Cities for Expats 2013 Revealed

Luanda has overtaken Tokyo in Mercer’s 2013 list of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live. Mercer’s annual cost of living survey was published…. Read More

Expats Splash the Cash While Living Overseas

The majority of expatriates prefer to spend their cash living their dream lifestyle while living overseas as opposed to saving for their return home according…. Read More

Singapore Expats Choke as Pollution Reaches Record Levels

Expatriates living and working in Singapore have started to make exit plans as the city’s Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reached a record high of 401 today…. Read More

Expatriate Population to Increase in Singapore

Expatriates could make up to fifty percent of Singapore’s population by the year 2030 if plans announced by the government last Tuesday go ahead. The Singapore…. Read More

New Singapore Property Tax Targets Expat Market

Expats who are looking to buy property in Singapore will now be required to pay even higher buyer’s stamp duty as a result of the Singapore government’s latest…. Read More

Property Prices in Asia Expected to Increase

Expatriates living in Asia can expect property prices to become even higher according to international property experts Knight Frank. Recent research into…. Read More

Where Can Expatriates Find the Most Emotional People

Recent research by global poll organization Gallup has indicated that it is Singaporeans that are the least emotional people in the world. The survey, which…. Read More

Bankers Who Want to Work in Asia Need to Learn Mandarin

Bankers who wish to relocate to Asia will need to start learning Mandarin if they want to land a job, according to a prominent financial services headhunter…. Read More

New Research Reveals That Asia has the Wealthiest Expats

The latest expat research from HSBC indicates that the wealthiest expats in the world are located in Singapore. According to the fifth Expat Explorer…. Read More

Singapore Taxes May be on the Rise

Singapore’s appeal as a low tax environment for expatriates may shortly something of the past, if the prime minister’s plans to raise taxes are implemented…. Read More

Is Anti-Expat Sentiment Rife in Singapore

The prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Song, this week urged Singaporeans to be more tolerant of expatriates and mindful of the important role…. Read More

Singapore is Named the Most Livable City in Asia

A new research study suggests that Singapore is the best city in the world for Asian expatriates. ECA International revealed their annual rankings of…. Read More

Are Expat Jobs in Asia Becoming Extinct

Are expats in Asia a thing of the past? If recruitment experts in Asia are to be believed, many Western companies in Asia are now looking to fill key roles…. Read More

Japan’s Cost of Living Remains the Highest in Asia

Expatriates who are based in Japan continue to face a high cost of living as a result of sharp rises in the value of the yen a global survey revealed last week…. Read More

Singapore is the Best City in the World for Expatriates

Singapore remains the top overall destination in the world for quality of life and career progression, according to an online survey that was implemented…. Read More

Mercer Names the Safest Places in the World in Which to Live

Yesterday we reported that an international survey conducted by human resource consulting firm Mercer, had revealed that Vienna in Austria offered…. Read More

China’s Millionaires Want to Leave China

Approximately half of China’s wealthiest citizens are planning to leave the country, according to a survey that was conducted by the Bank of China recently…. Read More

New Employment Pass Rules in Singapore Impact Expat Workers

In January 2012 the Singapore immigration department will implement a new law that requires expat workers to earn a minimum of $3000 USD per month…. Read More

Expatriates Warned of the Need to Respect Ramadan Customs

This week Muslims throughout the world began Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting that requires Muslims to refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and…. Read More

Tokyo Remains The Most Expensive Expat Location Despite Falling Prices

British manpower resource distribution solution supplier, ECA International, have revealed that Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world for expatriates for…. Read More

The Best Places in the World to Bring up Children Named by HSBC

New research from HSBC Bank International has revealed that Belgium is the best place to raise children and the United Kingdom is the Worst. Over 4,100…. Read More

Top Ten Most Corrupt Countries in the World Revealed

Transparency International have released the results of their latest corruption survey and Somalia has been named as the most corrupt country in the world…. Read More

HSBC Expat Explorer: Russian Expats are the Wealthiest in the World

HSBC Expat Explorer results have been released and if you’re considering moving overseas with the objective of accumulating wealth then Russia…. Read More

Singapore expatriate to be caned and jailed

A Swiss expatriate, who has pleaded guilty to the crime of vandalism, has been sentenced to three strokes of the cane and five months in Jail. Oliver Fricker…. Read More

Kidnap rumors shock expats in Singapore

Over the past week expatriates in Singapore have been shocked by widespread rumors of the attempted abduction of children, with several stories…. Read More

Expats in Asia suffer from increased living expenses

Human resources firm, ECA International, have issued research findings that reveal Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world in which to live…. Read More

Monthly Expat Events: Asia

Monthly Expat Events: Asia A round up of some of the monthly events that take place throughout Asia. China: Ningbolife: COIC Foreign Expert Committee…. Read More

Hong Kong and Singapore become more attractive expat tax havens

Expatriate savers welcome announcements from the tax havens of Singapore and Hong Kong with recent compliance agreements making the Asian cities…. Read More

For finance pros, Asia expat life losing perks

Asia used to be the paradise of finance pro expatriates with skyrocketing housing allowance, paid-for chauffeurs, free memberships to exclusive golfs…. Read More

Singapore – a magnet for global professionals

This article is from The Sunday Times and discusses Singapore as being one of the business capitals of the world. The article discusses the country’s appeal to…. Read More