Extension of Schengen visas is allowed for those in Italy for long or short-stays. An extension is only considered in extraordinary cases proven by personal reasons, force majeure, or humanitarian reasons. Otherwise, ordinary requests for extensions require individuals to leave Italy for at least six months before reapplying for a new visa.

The extension of a Schengen visa will only be considered if you need an extension because of serious occupational/personal reasons, humanitarian grounds or force majeure. You will otherwise be required to leave the country for a minimum of 6 months and reapply for a new Schengen visa.

To extend your Schengen visa in Italy, you will need to present the following documents.

Valid passport with the visa used to enter Italy
Visa extension application form
One passport photo (35 x 45 mm, full face view)
Proof of income ( amount in the financial statement to cover stay while waiting for extension)
Travel medical insurance ( valid for a period of extension of visa)
Documents to prove and support the need for a visa extension

Renewal of Resident Permits is allowed and depends on the type you have and you can only renew before the expiration date. You are not allowed to leave Italy while the renewal process is taking place. Here is a guide on renewal the of resident permits.

Permit valid up to six months to be renewed at least 30 days before expiry

Permit valid for 1 year to be renewed at least 90 days before expiry

Permit valid for 2 years to be renewed at least 90 days before expiry

The renewal process is similar to the initial application and requires obtaining an application kit from a nearby post office, fill in necessary details, and submit it to the officer in charge. Wait for an appointment at the police station to receive your new resident permit.


Anyone who meets the entry requirements into Italy is permitted to apply for residency permits. Non-EU citizens need to apply for a long-stay visa in their countries of origin first, then apply for residency once they get to Italy. The application must be submitted within eight days of entry into Italy with applications being handed out at local post offices, specifically the Sportello Amico. You will receive an application kit (written in the Italian language) at the post office that you need to fill out and return for a review. After the review, the officer will give you a receipt that will act as a temporary permit (should be carried at all times) as you wait for an appointment at a police station close by.

In addition, to the completed application kit, you will be required to submit other supporting documents. The documents will vary for students, self-employed persons, employees and students. Some of the “must-have” documents include:

Valid national passport
four passport photographs (front view, 35x45mm)
letter of employment (for employees)
business registration documents ( for entrepreneurs)
letter of admission to Italian academic institution (for students)
proof of health insurance.

Ensure you have enough copies of all your documents as you will need to submit originals at the police station and copies at the post office. The receipt provided at the post office acts as a temporary permit until the resident one is released. Responses to applications for residence permits varies depending on the type of application, with the majority being released within a few weeks.