London preview

United Kingdom

London is relatively pet-friendly. Overall, England is a nation of cat lovers, and these furry friends spend most of their time inside except for the occasional visit to the vet. Dogs, big and small, are also popular and you will see people walking their dog(s) all over the city.

Dogs and cats are allowed on tubes, buses, trains and ferries. Some cafes even allow you to bring your small dog inside, but not many. Parks are everywhere and dogs are not required to be leashed as long as they obey verbal commands and are not a danger to any person or other animal.

There aren't many pet shops around the capital anymore but pet products can be purchased online. Vets are expensive, and some pet owners prefer to take out pet insurance for any problem that may arise. If this seems like an interesting option, just be aware that there is a ceiling on bills, usually £3000. Kennels in central London are not numerous but just outside London there are plenty. Dog walking is on the increase so it should be no problem to find someone to walk your dog for you if you work long hours.