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United Kingdom

English is the official language. If, however, you are a native English speaker from outside Albion, you might be slightly taken aback by some "British-ism". You may even find yourself thinking that these very strong local and regional accents are, in fact, other dialects.

Foreign Language Classes

Experts reckon around 300 other languages are spoken daily on the streets of London. If you are looking to learn a foreign language, which is definitely a good thing to do if you intend to commute to one of the continental EU nations, your starting point is the online course directory "Hotpoint": "Hotpoint" lists all available courses. Typically, courses start twice a year, in September and January with short courses in July. Some classes are funded by local authorities so it might be worth asking your local library for more information.

If you are after a central London institution check out City Lit: This adult education center offers a great number of …