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United Kingdom

A Brief History

The UK capital is reported to date back to earlier than 43 AD, marking the city's conquest by the Romans just north of the famous Thames river. The true beginning of the British metropolis is said to have occurred when the Roman invaders led by Plautius were somewhat slowed down by the presence of the Thames. The river Thames is still to this day the main demarcation line. North and South of the river are two very different entities. Building a bridge to cross this famous river was the monumental beginning of what was later to become the London Bridge - one of the city's most important landmarks.

The 16th century defeat of the Spanish Armada, the 17th century plague, the 18th century massive population growth, and later World War II are parts of London's turbulent past. All of which have played a role in making London the great city that she it today. London is the world's banking center and hosts the headquarters of many of Europe's top 500 companies. The career opportunities and cultural attractions, unmatched by any other city, have made it a global hub for expat and Brits alike.

Expats are not only found in great numbers, they are welcomed as an extension of the home-grown population. With its close proximity to continental Europe and its endless opportunities, cosmopolitan & multicultural London is a wonderful and fascinating place in which to live.

London's diversity makes it easy for expatriates to relocate. It is a relatively safe place for a town of it size. Like all cities, though, beware! There are drawbacks. There is no "London", London is sprawling and made of a myriad of neighbourhoods which do not fit neatly into the boroughs' boundaries. Each part of London has its own identity and own specificity. Even Londoners find the metropolis confusing outside their immediate surroundings. In short, London can be a defiantly disordered city. London is also one of the most expensive cities in the world and the weather often does seem to remain 'grey' for months on end.