Appliances, Electronics and Hardware Stores in Beijing

Appliances are relatively inexpensive in Beijing, with lots of Chinese brands on offer. In addition to the local chain of appliance stores, locals and expats alike also purchase their electronics and appliances at places like Walmart and Carrefour, who have reasonably good selections.

Electronic markets like Top Electronics City are also popular places to purchase laptops, computers accessories, cameras, and other electronic equipment.

Gome (5857 2628). Gome has over 14 stores in Beijing and stocks a wide range of home appliances as well as PC’s and DVD players from the cheap to the very expensive.

Sundan (6417 3552). SLG36, S2-10,20, Sanlitun Village, Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District. This Shenzhen electronics and appliance chain has opened its doors in Beijing’s Sanlitun “The Village” shopping complex with three floors of all imported goods. Sundan is home to the first open electronic market in the city where shoppers can try every gadget in the store. Sundance is considered the most navigable electronics store in town because each floor is clearly marked and products are organized by their function. Most of the staff also speaks English, making this the only electronics store where you are guaranteed to be able to find help in English. Prices are fixed and there is no bargaining.

Top Electronics City. Southwest corner of Zhongguancun Dajie and Beisihuan, Haidian District. (8269 8269). This electronics super center has five stories of PDA’s, cameras, MP3 players, and other assorted electronic goods. You can bargain some at most vendor stalls, especially if you are buying multiple items.