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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most important commercial and economic hub in the country. It is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Central Thailand and has a history dating back hundreds of years.

It is a melting-pot of cultures which include a very large Chinese and Thai-Indian community as well as smaller communities such as the Mons, from the Irrawaddy delta in Burma; Thai-Muslims and Thai-Vietnamese. Expatriates from Europe, America, Australia and other Western countries account for 25 percent of Bangkok's population and it is these numbers which have helped the city become so economically successful in the international business world.

In just over 200 years, the city has grown from a small village on the banks of the river to the vibrant Asian centre it is known as today. The city's fate was sealed when Burmese armies ransacked the ancient capital Ayutthaya in 1569, destroying all admi…