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Top ten relocation challenges for international companies revealed

New research has shown that North America (51%) has moved into first place as the region most critical to future business success, narrowly edging out last-year’s top-ranked region Greater…. Read More

Thailand proves to be a popular destination for teachers

Thailand has become a top destination for teachers from overseas, according to a new survey of almost 200 respondents by the Bangkok Teachers Network. Nearly nine out of ten (88%) teachers…. Read More

As rents fall in Hong Kong and Singapore a housing shortage causes rents to rise in Bangkok

Expats in Hong Kong and Singapore are able to breathe a small sigh of relief as rents at the top end of the market finally seem to be dropping, if only a small amount…. Read More

Forget the Costa Brava—British Retirees are Now Heading to South-East Asia

Countries throughout South-east Asia are now offering long-term visas to British retirees in a bid to boost their respective economies…. Read More

Americans who Retire Overseas Can Retire Ten Years Earlier

A new research study has revealed that American seniors who opt for retirement overseas can retire over 10 years early and can enjoy a much higher standard of living…. Read More

Expats Evacuate Flooded Bangkok

The worse floods that Thailand has experienced in over half a century have hit North Bangkok and now threaten to spread to the downtown area of the city, putting many businesses, homes…. Read More

Thailand Tops Quality of Life Poll in HSBC’s Expat Experience Survey

It appears that the events of the recent civil war in Thailand have done nothing to negatively impact the quality of life expatriates experience in this Asian country if a recent survey by…. Read More

Expat news roundup 13th August

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Expat news roundup 6th August

Expat news roundup of all the news impacting expatriates this week. What’s been happening near you?…. Read More

Expat health insurance: warning for expatriates in Thailand

Expatriates living in Thailand and individuals who are considering relocating to the region should carefully research the medical provision available, according to the UK newspaper…. Read More

Expat World Cup experience suffers: English commentary banned in Thailand

Expatriates throughout Thailand are not enjoying the 2010 world cup quite as much as they had hoped for. English-language commentary for the 2010 World Cup has been banned throughout Thailand as a…. Read More

Expats in Asia suffer from increased living expenses

Human resources firm, ECA International, have issued research findings that reveal Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world in which to live…. Read More

Monthly Expat Events: Asia

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