How well do you know Amsterdam? Take our quiz to find out.

1. The main river that flows through Amsterdam shares its name with a popular beer. What is its name?

2. What tops the spire of the Westerkerk Church?

3. Boom Chicago is a popular tourist and cultural destination in Amsterdam. What is it?

4. The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is located on which square?

5. Which Amsterdam museum hosts the Rembrandt paintings?

6. Which of the following is not a church in Amsterdam?

7. Which year did settlers first arrive in Amsterdam?

8. Amsterdam formally obtained a city status with city rights in which year?

9. The Miracle of Amsterdam occurred in?

10. Which year Amsterdam was forced to become Protestant?

11. The Olympic games were held in Amsterdam in which year?

12. Amsterdam was liberated from German occupation in?

13. The majority of Dutch people hold egalitarian beliefs?

14. If invited to dinner at a Dutch person’s home you should not take wine?

15. When being seated for a formal dinner it is custom for men to be seated first, with the women waiting until all men are seated before they themselves sit down?

16. You should never give a Dutch person a pointed item as a gift?

17. The most common form of greeting in The Netherlands is a kiss on the cheek?

18. Most Dutch only use first names with family and close friends?

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Interesting fact

The majority of Amsterdam is actually below sea level. At its lowest point it is 6.7 meters below. If global warming causes sea levels to rise the city may disappear completely.