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9 Reasons to Become an Expat in Mexico

There is a myriad of reasons that people who come to Mexico decide to stay long term and choose to become a digital nomad or expat in Mexico.

The global village that the world has become makes it simpler than ever before to try a new lifestyle. If you think that Mexico might offer you what you’re looking for, then read on for more details about the nation that topped our Best Places to Live list.

Here are some reasons to become an expat in Mexico:

Delicious Fresh Food

Fresh, wholesome food is abundantly available in Mexico at very affordable prices.  Eating fresh food doesn’t come at a premium; it is very much the norm to cook and enjoy delicious local produce. Mexico City, a UNESCO recognized street food scene, is an excellent place to start your foodie journey and give you an overview of what’s on offer, while Baja California is THE place for seafood.

Friendly people

The locals in every part of Mexico are happy to chat and share their local knowledge of their country. Many people do speak English well, but you will get so much more out of your new country and be able to socialize much more easily with your neighbors if you learn a little Spanish.

Affordable Living Costs

Fees and taxes that home-owners have to pay in Europe, the US, and Canada have been rising to almost unmanageable levels in recent years. The stress of managing and funding your home can be totally headache-inducing, without a doubt. You’ll be pleased to find out that in Mexico, property taxes are low, maintenance costs are cheaper, and your home won’t eat up your whole paycheck.

Extraordinary Climate

In terms of climate, Mexico is divided into three. If you’re looking for a year-round temperate climate, then make the central highland areas your home; Guadalajara is Mexico’s cosmopolitan second city and has a welcoming atmosphere. For a hot beachside environment, you can take your pick of either coast or If you’re a fan of cooler temperatures, head for the highland towns that make up the third weather zone. Whether you’re a sun-seeker or a fan of mountain breezes, you’ll undoubtedly find something to suit you in Mexico.

Safety and Security

Despite having a slightly dubious past, Mexico is well on the road to leaving its bad reputation behind it. Salacious news reports of drugs and violence neglect to mention that those people who are not actively part of the criminal underworld are rarely affected. Expats report that they feel secure and settled in Mexico and enjoy becoming part of their community. You should be very mindful of the safety in the region and neighborhood in Mexico that you are living in as it can vary widely.

Affordable Housing

It is easy to find the perfect place to live in Mexico at a price you can afford. Of course, you’ll pay a premium for beachfront luxury, but they still cost considerably less than something similar in the US or Europe, including in surfer’s paradise Puerto Escondido. Whether you are buying your home or renting to get a feel for your new hometown, monthly payments aren’t going to break the bank.

beautiful beaches

Beautiful Beaches

There is a beautiful beach for every single day of the year in Mexico. The picture-perfect white sand beach of your dreams, where the turquoise waves gently lap on the shore, is likely to be just around the corner in Mexico. From the Mayan Riviera on the Caribbean coast of the country with its abundant tropical wildlife to Puerto Vallarta’s beaches on the Pacific coast and the glittering cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, you are never far away from the tranquility of the ocean.

Vibrant Culture

Mexico’s culture is rich and vibrant due to the historical blend of indigenous peoples with the Spanish explorers who arrived in the 1400s. There are 68 official languages in Mexico in addition to Spanish, and the diversity of the indigenous cultures contributed to the country becoming a melting pot of traditions. Cities, where you can appreciate Mexican culture at its best include coastal Merida, colorful Puebla, and UNESCO World Heritage Site Oaxaca.


Good Healthcare

The healthcare system in Mexico prioritizes good quality healthcare for everyone regardless of finances, which promises to improve even more in the coming years. It does remain important to have good international health insurance in place to ensure that your medical care, both routine and specialist services are covered without compromising on quality. Some global nomads living in Mexico will get a high-quality global health plan with hospital-only treatment and medical evacuation but self-insure out-patient claims such as medications and doctors visits as these costs are often low cost.

Note that if you plan to become an expat in Mexico, make sure you have adequate international health insurance coverage. Expat Financial has some excellent plans from providers such as Cigna International!

Author: david.tompkins