Posted by Ben 13th August 2015 14:07 GMT, 1 replyFilters: France Visas

Hello Expat Info Desk, I came across your website.thank you for you the helpful information.

I am a U.S. citizen, 70-years of age and I also have dual citizenship as I also have an Italian Passport and therefore an Italian citizen but still living in the U.S. in California.

My question: Does my Italian passport allow me to travel and stay in France for unlimited period of time?
I assume that having an Italian passport allows me to travel and live in any 'Euro Zone' country, is this correct?
Is there a document that would provide me with the details of living me France as a U.S. expat or on my Italian passport.

Thank you in advance for any/all information you can provide.

George13th August 2015 14:25 GMT

Hi Ben,

As an Italian passport holder yes you have free right to movement across Europe. However you will have to abide by the rules of that country regarding registration / healthcare / proof of income for example. Regarding living in France as an EU citizen you can find more information here:

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