5 Reasons You Should Become a Digital Nomad After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Digital nomads are people who work online and are therefore not dependent on one location to conduct their business. This grants a digital nomad the privilege of choosing whatever country, working schedule, and office setup they so desire and the lifestyle can be extremely rewarding. If you are still a little unsure whether digital nomadism is the way to go, here are five reasons why you should become a digital nomad after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why you should become an expat and digital nomad during the pandemic!

1. You now know whether working from home suits you or not so you just need to take the plunge

Most of us trialled working from home during the pandemic which means we’ve already tested whether we like working alone (one of the biggest hurdles of being a digital nomad!) Many people are hesitant as to whether or not they have the self-motivation to work alone from a laptop but if you could do it from your own home during a global pandemic then there is no doubt you could do it from a beach bar in Thailand.

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2. It is the perfect way to satisfy our heightened travel itch

The Covid-19 pandemic brought everything to a halt, including the luxury of travel. Repeated lockdowns festered a growing appetite to explore exotic places and becoming a digital nomad is the perfect way to satisfy those cravings. You can work abroad, meet new people and explore foreign lands all while earning a decent living. While many countries don’t want you to travel abroad, they are generally OK with someone who is going to move abroad.

If you are planning on moving countries, consider investing in a Global Health Insurance Plan which will make seeking medical care much easier.

3. Money: Earn more and spend less

This is another great reason to become a digital nomad. If you pick your destinations wisely you can make a lot of money. If you base yourself in a place that has a relatively modest cost of living but your clients are based in a country with a stronger currency then you will be able to make much more profit. For example, if you become a digital nomad a live in Southeast Asia but earn American Dollars then you will be able to save much more money than if you were living in America and earning American dollars.

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4. Be your own boss!

If you become a digital nomad, you can enjoy the freedom to choose how and where you work. So many of us have different working preferences but the 9-5 office culture takes that choice away from us. Being a digital nomad allows you to conduct your business on your own terms in your own time which makes it far more efficient and enjoyable.

Do you operate best in a café with the hubbub of a coffee machine in the background? Do it!

Want to work next to your hostel pool while sipping cocktails? Cool!

Don’t function before 12pm? Then start work in the afternoon.

You get to work the hours and location which make you feel the most productive and no one can tell you otherwise.

5. Working while living abroad will give you a better understanding of a country’s culture

Too often we zip through cities and dart between countries but don’t stop to really understand the different cultures. Being a digital nomad affords you the luxury of staying or moving as quickly as you would like (and as long as your visa will allow). Working from one spot for an extended period of time will enable you to meet more locals and give you a much deeper understanding of a culture.

Whether you split your work between Rome and the Netherlands or Bali and Siem Reap, working in these places and spending lengthy periods of time as an expat will leave you with a much richer travel experience.

If you decide to become a digital nomad, it won’t be without its challenges. It can be isolating, changeable and requires hard work to make it work. However, with steely determination and consistent effort, the rewards of life on the road are endless. We should also note that if you are planning to become a digital nomad, make sure you have a high quality international health insurance policy.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk