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    Posted by Shashank , 1 reply

    Hello All,
    I’m planned to travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands in first week of September. I’m expected to be there for 6 months. Since it would be my first foreign trip, I’d some questions to ask. It would really be helpful if you could spare some of your precious time and guide me up on few things. Basically, I hail from New Delhi, India.
    1. How’s the atmosphere there in Netherlands. I mean security for expats. Well, this is not of much concern, but still thought of asking.
    2. I’m a pure Vegan. So, are there Veg foods available in Amsterdam. Also, if I consider to prepare on my own at my residence, will I be getting the raw stuff there (Like Lentils, and other Indian spices).
    3. Are there some specific things which you want to advise me to bring specifically from India which are not available in Amsterdam.
    4. The pay which I’m expected to receive in Amsterdam would be around EUR 2500 + Fully furnished accommodation. Can you please let me know whether this is sufficient to live there. Just to mention, I’m a teetotaler, so at least there would be no expenses on Alcohol.
    Any other advise is welcomed.
    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Best Regards,


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    Mariken Zuydgeest

    Hi Shashank,

    As a Dutch national, though living abroad myself I think I can help you with these questions.
    Amsterdam is our capital city and very varied in lifestyles, foods (in terms of available veggies, restaurants, etc) and experiences. With as many different nationalities and cultures in a city as in Amsterdam I think security is no problem. You will not really be noticed that much if that makes any sense ;o)?

    There are tons of specialized shops and markets with fresh vegetables and fruits. The biggest issue always is just getting to know the ones you like best. Ask around!

    Question 3, I cannot not answer for you specifically but I found wherever I traveled, worked and lived thus far, there quite often are replacements things or even better…get immersed and experience the differences. It’ll be worth it, especially if it’ll be for just 6 months.

    Q4: Your pay should be adequate for your life in Amsterdam.

    Hope this helps,

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