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What to do After You Arrive in Your New Expat Destination

Learn What Expatriates Can do for a Great Transition to Their New Expat Destination

We have put together this checklist for expatriates and global nomads who have recently arrived in their new expat destination. We hope that you find it useful and enjoy your new expatriate adventures abroad. This is also very useful for global nomads and international citizens who are already abroad or about to move overseas. Here are 10 quick tips for expats arriving at a new expat destination:

  1. If you are eligible for cover from the local health care system. Start the paperwork as soon as possible. Getting through the administrative steps can be complicated. The sooner you start, the better.
  1. Find out where the nearest hospitals with an emergency unit are located and check that your health cover will provide you access to treatment there.
  1. Know how to say ‘help’ ‘call an ambulance or doctor’ and ‘it’s an emergency’ in the local language.
  1. Know the number to call the emergency services.
  1. Try to be respectful, patient and humble. After all, you are a guest living in a foreign country, at least until you have made the transition from expat to a compatriot.
  1. If you are an expat woman, you may face different health and safety issues while you are on an assignment abroad. It is important to have sufficient health coverage such as prenatal care.
  1. If you are bringing children with you, be sure to help your child settle in quickly. Be proactive and invite the neighbors’ kids over to play or arrange for a classmate to come over after school.
  1. Maintain strong ties to your home country. Keeping in contact with friends and family through emails, phone calls, and parcels is a great idea.
  2. Always eat and drink safely. Some street food, raw, and rare meat or fish are naturally more risky than others.
  3. Make new friends and engage with someone other than your partner.

This information can make your transition to a new expat destination more enjoyable and successful endeavor. One thing to note is the importance of obtaining global health insurance before or after you arrive. You can obtain a quote from several different international health insurance companies via Expat Financial.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk