An expat journey Infographic

An Expat Journey Infographic in 2013

Following on from the release yesterday of the 2013 HSBC Expat Explorer survey results, the have also released an expat journey infographic describing the pertinent aspects of the report which can be seen below:

HSBC Explorer survey 2013 infographic

Some interesting statistics are reported with the top three reasons for moving being:

  1. Better job prospects (36%)
  2. To be with a family partner (33%)
  3. Improve quality of life (29%)

The most popular careers for young expats are technology and financial services though the top 5 occupations are

  1. education
  2. banking, insurance and financial services
  3. construction, manufacturing and utilities
  4. IT and internet
  5. and health.

Whilst not the highest ranked countries the most popular destinations are the UK and the UAE with a roughly 50/50 split between male and female respondents. Most respondents were between 35-45 (42%) and the average global salary was $64,000.

Household income had a large range with those in Asia earning slightly more ($74,000) than the global average.

  • 44% < $60k
  • 18% $61-100k
  • 17% $101-200k
  • 3% $201-250k
  • 2% $251-300k
  • 3% > $301k

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk