Expat Book Review: The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition

The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition written by Tina Quick provides insightful guidance for expatriate teenagers who are planning on returning to their home country for further education.

Aimed squarely at Third Culture Kids (TCKs), this book aims to help teenagers to transition from their expatriate lives abroad to studying and living in what is frequently termed as their “home country” but what is, in reality, quite often a place that is strange and foreign to them. While the excitement of university lies ahead, the book helps TCKs and their parents to recognize and acknowledge some of the challenges that they may face as they attempt to repatriate or expatriate to an overseas school.

Using the concept of a “transition cycle” to guide the discussion, Quick reviews some of the stages of adjustment that TCKs will go through as they move away from their host destination, and their immediate family, to study in their home country. The book aims to help teenagers to face some of challenges that many of their university peers who have not lived abroad will not understand and provides practical advice on how to cope with some of the emotions and problems they will experience.

The book covers a whole host of topics, including dealing with the temptation of drugs and alcohol, taking care of health and wellbeing and handling relationships. It also contains practical advice that is aimed at helping parents to understand some of the challenges that their children will face when they repatriate for educational purposes with the intention of arming them with the information and insights they need to help their offspring to adjust.

One of the biggest strengths of the book is that it interweaves theory and advice with the real-life experiences of TCKs who have experienced some of the challenges associated with repatriating in order to attend university.

This book is highly recommended for any TCK who is planning on repatriating for college and it will undoubtedly make the process less daunting, smoother and manageable.

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