Expat Book Review: Many Ships, One Boat

Many Ships, One Boat – Singapore Expat Tales and Tips, edited by Madanmohan Rao is a compilation of stories written by expatriates who live in Singapore.

Each chapter of the book presents a different story by a different person and the compilation contains a range of authors from all over the world who have moved to Singapore for a myriad of different reasons, thus finding themselves all in the same boat.

What makes this book intriguing is the background of the authors themselves. There are a total of 20 stories from a diverse group of expats who originate from different areas of the world including Australia, Germany, Hungary, India, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. The different perspectives they offer of living in Singapore makes the book a fascinating and enlightening read. Sample chapter titles include “It’s all about understanding the system!” “Memoirs of a Mistress Named Mirasta” and “Tackling Two Asian Tigers.”

One of the best things about the book is that it contains true stories and therefore provides readers with the chance to learn just how different Singapore life really is. It would make a great read for both people who are considering moving to Singapore and those who have lived there for quite some time. Seasoned Singapore expats will have plenty of moments where they recognize all too well the emotions and experiences described, while potential future expats will gain solid insights into Singapore life as provided from a wide variety of different angles.

Many Ships, One Boat – Singapore Expat Tales is available on Amazon in Kindle edition and paperback.

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk