8 Great Websites for Expat Entrepreneurs

For many expatriates, especially the trailing spouse, a move overseas can represent an opportunity to make a new start and follow your dreams. For many people this means starting their own business and becoming master of their own fate. Life in a different country can be just what you need to insprire you to try and make your dreams a reality. If you are considering starting your own expatriate business or are in the process of doing so and could benefit from some help and advice, here are eight websites that provide crucial information and resources that can help you to move your business forward.


Entrepreneur.com is a great website that offers practical advice, tips and resources for expatriates all over the world. From using Facebook to build a brand presence, coping with accounting and growing small businesses, through to purchasing franchises, formulating business plans and designing collateral, the site is packed full of articles that will help every budding entrepreneur.


Nu Nomad

NuNomad is a very focused website that offers advice and tips for people who wish to take their careers and jobs abroad with them. Specifically aimed at people who have skills that will allow them to work on the move, the site outlines how expatriates can use their talents to establish businesses and making a living for themselves while living overseas.


Small Business Journal

Run by The Wall Street Journal, The Small Business Journal is an extremely useful site that aims to help small businesses and start-up companies to reach their full potential. It will be a useful resource for both expatriates who are looking for business ideas and inspiration and those that already run a business and are looking for help and advice on how to make that business succeed.


Mom Inventors

Mom Inventors is a highly-inspiring website that takes a look at female entrepreneurs who have used their experiences as mothers to launch useful products throughout the world. If you have designed a product that you think could be a potential winner, this site will guide you through the process of making your designs a reality.


Winning Abroad

Winning abroad is a website that is designed to provide people living overseas with inspiration and motivation to make a success of their lives. With a section dedicated to entrepreneurism, the site contains a great deal of interesting ideas, guidance and help for those who want to use their experiences abroad to become successful business owners.


Anywhere in the World

This site is aimed at connecting like-minded expatriate entrepreneurs and it is contains a wealth of interesting stories and ideas. Expatriate interviews with people who have successfully started their own businesses coupled with free guides and downloads makes this site a great port of call for any budding business owner.


Startup Nation

Startup Nation offers a wide range of interesting and useful entrepreneurial advice from people who have experienced the challenges of building a business firsthand for themselves. The site has advice on just about every aspect of creating and running a successful business.


Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch is a great resource for expatriates who want to use their skills to work for themselves while living abroad. From advice on how to build your own brand, deal with difficult customers and ensure that you are paid on time, through to finding clients, pricing your services and hiring subcontractors, the site contains valuable information that will help both freelancers and small business owners alike.


Do you own your own expatriate business? What websites have you found useful while building and running your operation? Please leave a comment and share details with our readers.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk