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8 Great Online Expatriate Food Stores

Missing the taste of home? Craving your favorite foods? Check out our list of online expatriate food stores that will give you the sense of familiarity that you may be seeking.

British Corner Shop

The British Corner Shop is an online supermarket that contains many of the items that you would expect to find in your typical local store. From confectionary to cooking sauces, shampoos to moisturizers and shower gels, it has a huge range of products to choose from.


Expat Express

Expat Express is an online grocery store that stocks U.S. food, beverage and household items. Overseas shoppers can choose from over 13,000 different items that can be shipped overseas. There are no minimum purchase requirements and products can be delivered in 5 – 7 days.


Expat Shop

The Expat shop specializes in providing South African foods and beverages to overseas expatriates. They have over 1500 different products available and ship throughout the world.


The Expat Grocer

The Expat Grocer is an online grocery store and package forwarding service that provides predominantly American products to expatriates throughout the world. The site offers both individual items and pre-packaged options.


The Aussie Food Shop

The Aussie Food Shop offers Australian food items for sale online. They ship worldwide and offer all the Australian favorites, including Tim Tams, Milo and Vegemite.



Eaishop offers a range of different foods from around the world for online purchase and worldwide delivery. Products from the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and Australia are available.


Food Shop

The New Zealand Foodshop provides expatriates with an opportunity to purchase their favorite New Zealand food and beverages online. They have a huge range of products and ship worldwide.


German Shop 24

German expats who are missing their favorites should check out German Shop 24. The site contains a wide range of different German products, including food and beverages, toys, body care products and household products.


Are there any great online food and grocery stores for expatriates that we have missed from our list? Leave a comment with the details and we will add them.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk