50 Great Reasons to Become an Expat

  1. You enjoy a challenge.
  2. You love traveling and exploring new places.
  3. You want to learn a new language and speak like a native.
  4. You have been banned from your local bar/pub and need a new place to drink on a Friday night.
  5. You enjoy getting lost.
  6. You are fascinated with history and geography.
  7. You are bored of your current life and want to know if there really is more out there.
  8. You love adventure and uncertainty.
  9. You can’t stand the government that’s in power in your current country.
  10. You want to know if the grass really is greener on the other side… of the world.
  11. You want to write a book and just can’t find the headspace in your current life.
  12. You don’t feel like you belong in your current country of residence and feel more at ease when you are overseas.
  13. You feel like your home country is unsafe and you could find more security overseas.
  14. You’ve done plenty of travel but now you want to experience what life abroad is really like.
  15. You want to enjoy a slower pace of life.
  16. You want to enjoy a faster pace of life.
  17. You unconsciously pass through the majority of your day; you need change.
  18. You can’t find a girlfriend/boyfriend in your home country so think it’s about time you looked further afield.
  19. You have special knowledge or skills that could really benefit an overseas community.
  20. You know you can enjoy a higher standard of living abroad.
  21. You want to raise your children somewhere other than your home country.
  22. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is overseas.
  23. You want to prove to yourself and others that you are capable of spreading your wings.
  24. You can’t find a job in your home country but have skills that are in demand abroad.
  25. You’ve fallen in love with another country, or someone who lives in that country.
  26. You know you would pay lower taxes if you lived aboad.
  27. The weather’s better overseas.
  28. You are disillusioned with life in your home country and want to experience what’s on offer elsewhere.
  29. You think that you could benefit from a fresh perspective on life.
  30. Because you only have one life and you should try everything at least once.
  31. Because change is good, and if it isn’t at least you’ll know that for certain.
  32. It’s on your bucket list.
  33. You think everyone should take a risk once in a while.
  34. The cost of living is lower overseas.
  35. Because your children will get a better education abroad.
  36. You want to study abroad and learn from new people.
  37. You want to make new friends who can offer a fresh perspective on life.
  38. You’ve had a bad breakup and everywhere you turn your bump into your ex with his/her new beau.
  39. You think life in your home country is deadly dull.
  40. You seek a new environment in which to develop your creativity.
  41. You owe someone a lot of money.
  42. You want your retirement to consist of more than nice days out in the car and games of bingo.
  43. You want to prove to yourself that you can do it.
  44. Because you know that it’s the things that you don’t do that you regret, not the things that you do do.
  45. Because you know it’s not forever; you can change your mind and return home if you like.
  46. You can feel yourself turning into your father/mother and need to break the cycle quick sharp.
  47. Because you’re becoming grumpy and impatient as you age and need to lighten up a little.
  48. Because you will have a better environment overseas to enjoy your hobbies.
  49. You want to experience a more unconventional life.
  50. You’re on the run from the law.

Are you thinking of living overseas? What’s motivating your desire to sample life abroad? Leave a comment and let us know.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk