10 Interesting Expats to Follow on Twitter

Twitter offers expats a great opportunity to connect with a wider community and share details of their blog posts and observations. Here’s a list of ten regular expat tweeters.

Ladyexpat: A Canadian expatriate who currently lives and works in South Korea. Describes herself as a “A transplanted Canadian (Halifax Nova Scotia), working, traveling and taking photos in Asia.”

AmiExpat: An American expatriate who is currently living in Germany. Describes herself as, “American, expatriate, half-Asian, statistician, wife, mom, and blogger, living it up in Germany.”

Russell Ward: A British expatriate who is currently living in Sydney. He shares great posts about life in and around the busy city. Describes himself as, “British expat living in Sydney by the ocean, lived in Canada near mountains and snow, and searching for a life less ordinary at insearchofalifelessordinary.com”.

John Falchetto: An expatriate entrepreneur who shares tips and ideas for going it alone abroad. Describes himself as, “Dad, serial Expat Entrepreneur, helps expatriate entrepreneurs build their lifestyle abroad, runner, husband to @ameenafalchetto”.

Cloggs and Tulips: Great tweets from an American expatriate who is currently living in The Netherlands. Describes herself as, “An American expat living in the Netherlands. Writer, entrepreneur, Dutch learner, foreigner. Read my blog for tips, info, and entertainment! http://clogsandtulips.blogspot.com”.

Andrea Martins: Founder of expatwomen.com shares her thoughts on life overseas. Describes herself as, “Mrs ExpatWomen.com. Otherwise known as a daily juggler of motherhood, expat life, repatriate life, social media, writing, friends, family, travel & big dreams. http://ExpatWomen.com/”.

Wife in a suitcase: Trailing spouse who shares articles, insights and useful information about life as an expatriate. Describes herself as, “Helping those who move globally. Immigrant, expat, repat, social community organizer, blogger, volunteer. http://expatriatelife.wordpress.com/.”

Kirsty Rice: Kirsty is an expat writer who offers some amusing snapshots into life as an expatriate author, wife and mother. Describes herself as, “Aussie writer and blogger based in the Middle East. 7 countries in 11 years and I still can’t pack a suitcase.

Not From Round Here: American expatriate who tweets about life in the United Kingdom. Describes herself as: “American expat in the UK, blogger when I find time, scientist/engineer the rest of the timehttp://notfromaroundhere.wordpress.com.”

Chad in Amsterdam: US expatriate who is currently sampling life in The Netherlands. He regularly tweets about his experiences and observations of life in Europe. Describes himself as, “CIA operative on a covert mission from the United States of America sent to evaluate the Dutch and their commitment to freedom. http://chadinamsterdam.com.”

Are you an expat who tweets on a regular basis? Please leave a comment with your Twitter details and share them with our expat community.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk