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7 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Pack up and Relocate Overseas

If you are considering international relocation but seem to be able to formulate more reasons why you should stay at home than why you should move overseas, then let us step in and provide you with some reasons why moving abroad may be the best thing that you ever do.

7 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Pack up and Relocate Overseas

1) Broaden Your Horizons – When you relocate overseas you are often forced to experience a new culture and form social networks with people with whom you would previously never had an opportunity to mix. These experiences will teach you a lot about yourself and the life you lead, and you will often gain a new perspective of what matters in life. Seeing the world from a different place will force you to look at things differently and question previously held assumptions. Overall it will be a truly rewarding experience.

2) Travel and Explore – Living overseas as an expat offers you an opportunity to travel extensively and, once you have gained confidence by making the initial leap abroad, you will probably be keen to explore the surrounding countries and areas. The majority of expats have travelled extensively and they are interesting people to spend time with. You may only have one chance at life so make the most of it by exploring the world you live in.

3) Gain Confidence and Independence – There are no two ways about it; moving overseas for the first time can be daunting and stressful. However, as the old adage goes, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. By taking the leap into the unknown you will learn more about yourself and your capabilities and ultimately you will gain in confidence. You will quickly learn that you are capable of anything you put your mind to and you will be more likely to take more rewarding risks in the future.

4) Advance Your Career – In a 2010 survey by The Economist, it was revealed that 80% of respondents were of the opinion that a stint abroad in a major emerging market would aid career progression. While this may not be guaranteed, time working overseas will undoubtedly improve your resume and offer you learning experiences that you would not have had in your home county; this can only be beneficial to you in the long run.

5) Save Money – A lot of expat opportunities abroad offer individuals an opportunity to save money. This could be because the cost of living is lower in the host country, and/or there are lower taxes, and/or you are offered an attractive salary for relocating overseas. If this is the case, a few years living and working abroad can offer you an opportunity to really boost your savings and, in many cases, it can set you up for life.

6) Improve Your Standard of Living – In a recent survey by banking giant HSBC, it was revealed that a large number of expatriates have chosen their host country as a permanent abode and plan to remain there for many years to come as a result of the higher standard of living they experience there. According to HSBC, expats experience shorter commutes to work, enjoy better weather and benefit from shorter working weeks.

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7) Have More Fun – For the majority of people who experience it, life abroad is fun. Expatriates are generally a very sociable group and often use the fact that they are away from home as a base common denominator. It often appears that there is an endless stream of parties, social events and activities. Getting involved is very easy and the majority of expats have a hectic social calendar.

If you’re seriously considering making an overseas move then please do see our relocation guide. Each guide contains comprehensive information about living overseas and offers you practical advice on setting up a new life abroad. You should also make sure you have adequate international health insurance coverage before you move abroad. A great source for expats looking for global healthcare can be found at: 

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