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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Expat in Morocco

Becoming an expat is a great opportunity to learn about a different country, culture, and lifestyle. Morocco is a very diverse and beautiful country that can be an attractive place for expats to live and work abroad. It’s known for its mosaics, fresh cuisines, and culture.

Here’s why you should become an expat in Morocco.

  1. become an expat in moroccoMorocco is known for its bright colors and mosaics, and it’s truly a beautiful place to live. Chefchaouen is literally called the blue city because every building is a different shade of blue. Marrakesh is known as the red city because many of the buildings were constructed out of red sandstone. Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, and Marrakesh are just a few of the cities in Morocco with stunningly beautiful and colorful mosaics that cover walls and floors all over the country. They were created with such diverse patterns and designs and are truly a beautiful thing to marvel at.
  1. The food in Morocco is very fresh, and every food lover’s dream. You’ve probably seen Mediterranean food sold at restaurants and street vendors, but it’s nothing like the real thing. Morocco is known for its colorful spices, unique flavors, and its famous Tagine. Tagine is an African dish that usually consists of vegetables, spices, and meat mixture into a cooking pot with a lid. It’s stifling fresh.
  1. Moroccan culture is very diverse. The main spoken languages are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. Many people also speak French, which is commonly used in business settings, so it’s helpful to know French as an expatriate in Morocco. The country is 99% Sunni Muslim but is tolerant towards others as the country is made of people worldwide. People who live in Morocco are Berber, Africans, Middle Easters, Americans, and Europeans, among many others who have formed the Moroccan culture you see today.
  1. become an expat in moroccoThe location of Morocco is great for traveling. Because it’s in Northern Africa, you’re able to travel around Africa pretty easily. It’s also a quick and expensive trip to Europe by plane or by boat from the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Europe and Africa and can be accessed from Morocco.
  1. Living in Morocco is very inexpensive, especially when comparing it to North America and Western Europe. Housing prices are low, so many expats choose to purchase a house rather than rent. If you’re getting paid as an expat by a currency other than the Moroccan dirham, you’ll likely be able to live comfortably.
  1. There is a lot of adventure to be had in Morocco. It’s different than places you most likely have lived before, and it takes some getting used to. Once you’re comfortable with the area, you’ll start to really enjoy every opportunity you have. For instance, biking or hiking in the Atlas Mountains and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea are exciting and adventurous. Global nomads are especially keen on moving to Morocco to experience the many cultural and environmental adventures offered in this great country.
  1. Morocco has an old history that dates back at least 400,000 years. The indigenous Berber people have inhabited it for thousands of years. It was ruled by the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire before later being conquered by the Muslims. The Alaouite Dynasty has been ruling Morocco since 1667. There are a lot of historical sites to visit in Morocco. An example is Volubilis which are ancient Roman ruins from the first century BC. The Triumphal Arch of Caracalla is one of the most famous structures at the Volubilis and has been well preserved for many years.
  1. The people in Morocco tend to be genuine, curious, and very polite, which allows you to feel comfortable almost immediately.  Once you learn to understand the culture a bit better, you’ll get used to the lifestyle difference. Living in Morocco, you’ll find that Moroccans are very hospitable and kind people and if you have the chance to make a friend, you can learn a lot about the culture that way.
  1. You won’t feel out of place in Morocco because it’s a melting pot of its own. You’ll find Americans, Europeans, Africans, and Middle Easterns among many other people. Morocco can be seen as the crossroads for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, which creates a rich mixture of cultures. The culture is quite unique in Morocco and something you can see and feel immediately after arriving.
  1. The work/life balance is another great reason to become an expat in Morocco. Many Moroccans take 2 pm – 5 pm off as a cultural siesta and an afternoon nap. Many restaurants and shops will close for these hours, and while you’re working as an expat in Morocco, you may get these hours off each day, which is very different from the work-life of most other cultures.

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Becoming an Expat in Morocco

Morocco is a great place to live. You’ll experience a new culture, new experiences, and a different way of life. It’s a great place to explore and find some change.

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