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10 Fantastic Reasons to Make Spain Your Home

If you are pondering a new life in the sun, then it is a great option to make Spain your home. Beautiful cities, a vibrant culture, and welcoming people mean that whether you are a retiree or whether you’re moving the whole family, then you can integrate and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle with ease.

Here are some great reasons to make spain your home as an expatriate or global nomad:

1. Weather

Weather is up there among the top reasons that holidaymakers visit Spain, and it’s undoubtedly a factor in why people choose to make a permanent move. In the summertime, the majority of the country is dry and sunny, and you can enjoy a truly outdoor lifestyle. The northern provinces of the country tend to be cooler and wetter than the hot south, and are a great option if you want to escape the heat in the hotter months.

2. Property Options

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking an area to settle in. You can usually get much more for your money in Spain than you can in the UK, and there is a wide range of choices when it comes to architectural style. Whether you go for a more traditional home or prefer the convenience of a new build, it is generally pretty simple to finance your new home in Spain as the process is streamlined, and banks are used to dealing with expats & global nomads.

3. Mediterranean Diet

Rejuvenate your health by embracing all of the delicious fresh food that Spain has to offer. Spanish people love to eat well, and the diet is much healthier than in many other parts of the world. You can buy delicious locally grown fruit, and vegetables and the abundance of fresh fish is amazing. The Spanish like to eat seasonally, which means that you enjoy an ever-changing diet across the year.

4. Community

The Spanish are friendly and welcoming people, and it is easy to integrate into a new community. With such warm and open neighbours, you’re sure to make friends quickly. There is also a bustling expat community in many areas who are happy to have new faces join them to enjoy everything Spain has to offer.

5. Great Outdoors

From the gorgeous beaches of the south and east to the mountains of the Pyrenees on the border with France, there is so much natural beauty to explore in Spain. Whether you’re a hiker who enjoys finding hidden trails and going off the beaten track or a sun worshipper who prefers to take your scenery lying down, there is something for everyone.

6. Social Life

Spain is one of the best European destinations for dancing the night away. If dancing is your thing, then the hit Madrid, Seville, or Barcelona and party until dawn. If you prefer your social life to take a more relaxed pace, then head to one of the many restaurants or bars in the country and enjoy warm nights watching the world go by.

reasons to make spain your home

7. Cities in Spain for Expatriates & Global Citizens

The best-known cities are Barcelona and Madrid, but there are other fabulous affordable cities across the nation to discover. The northern city of Bilbao boasts the futuristic architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, Granada to the south is the home of the world-famous Moorish Alhambra or head to the port city of Cadiz, the oldest city in Western Europe.

8. Language in Spain

Spanish sounds beautiful and is generally held to be one of the simplest languages to learn as a foreigner. Its roots lie in Latin, which makes it similar to Italian and Portuguese. Still, even if you’re not a linguist, the Spanish people are very forgiving of mistakes and always happy to encourage your efforts.

9. Cheaper Cost of Living for Global Expats in Spain

Spain has a much lower cost of living than northern Europe, and you are likely to save a considerable amount on both property costs and day to day expenses. With the money you free up with your move to make Spain your home, you could invest in a new lifestyle, or even just kick back and relax in the sun.

10. Quality of Life in Spain

All of the factors listed above combine to ensure that expats living in Spain enjoy a fantastic quality of life. When you make a move, whichever region in Spain that you choose, you can rest assured that you are in one of the best destinations to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

A Quick Summary on Expat Life in Spain

Spain is a fantastic place to live in Europe. It is a beautiful country with great weather, food, history, culture and much more. Note that when you make spain your home, to get your visa, you may have to provide proof of international healthcare coverage. So when you are making your life abroad, including in Spain, you should obtain a comprehensive international health insurance policy that will provide local coverage in Spain, but also back home and regionally. Such plans can be quoted and purchased online – most plans will cover you globally excluding or including the USA.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk