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  • Arnold If I wanted to move to Vietnam from US and start a business, would it be possible to stay long-term without the concern of being denied later and lose my business and supplies?

    Living in Vietnam ·  2021/01/20

  • Mark Bancroft I have heard that if you marry abroad and become a citizens of that country you must spend a least1 month a year in the USA to retain your citizenship. Is this true?.. I am now in Peru and intend to...

    American Rights Retained ·  2020/12/29

  • disqus_eTwPMQdSGh I would think being US territory you would have to legally immigrate to the US. The beauty is once you have LPR, you can live anywhere you want. As far as maintaining provincial healthcare, you...

    Canadian ·  2020/12/18

  • Brandon Tran Hahaha. Awesome.

    Moving to Singapore ·  2020/12/10

  • Bao Nguyen Yes, Vietnamese employers usually based on your experience! If you can prove that you are good with IT, they will recruit you no matter what!

    Living in Vietnam ·  2020/12/09