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Bangalore is home to a fairly eclectic mix of people, from traditional to cosmopolitan, with varying attitudes to beauty. Taking the limelight, though, is Bangalore's large population of socialites, industrialists, sports personalities and models who regularly dazzle page three of The Times of India (known for its regular socialite sightings). Appearance is a priority, among the city's mid to top echelon, which includes highly fashionable international wardrobes, fine jewelery, dramatic make-up, coiffed hair and polished nails (for the ladies). Men are generally expected to be clean-shaven and well-dressed.

Of course business attire is less flamboyant, but many people pride themselves on their appearance, and expect the same in return.

To cater to this market, there is a large array of beauty services in Bangalore, from hole-in-the-wall beauty parlours and home service visits to high-end day spas offering laser cosmetic procedures.

High-end beauty clinics have internationally-trained staff that offer personalised hair cuts, colour consultancy, facials, hair removal (threading is the popular local method), manicures and pedicures, foot baths, various styles of massage (including Indian ayurveda), aromatherapy, etc. While these are more expensive than the common parlour, such services will cost you a fraction of what you would pay in a similar facility abroad. For example, a haircut and shampoo in a trendy Bangalore salon will cost about Rs 600.

Hair Salons

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