Singapore is the Best City in the World for Expatriates


Singapore remains the top overall destination in the world for quality of life and career progression, according to an online survey that was implemented by HSBC Bank.

The survey, called the Expat Explorer, ranked cities throughout the world according numerous criteria and canvassed over 3,500 expatriates in 31 different countries. When the three major sections: expat economics, expat experience and raising children abroad, are taken into consideration, it is Singapore that emerges as the top overall destination, followed by Hong Kong, the UAE, Mexico and Australia.

According to HSBC, Singapore’s high scores were attributed to the raise in disposable incomes that expatriates enjoyed after relocating, the efficient transport network, the quality of education on offer and the ease with which children could assimilate into the education system.

South-east Asian countries performed particularly well in this year’s rankings with the main reason for this being attributed to the low cost of living and the luxurious lifestyle on offer in the region: “Expats in developing countries such as South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines are much more likely to have more luxuries since relocating from their home country,” HSBC revealed in a report that accompanied the survey.

“The main luxuries that expats in these countries benefit from compared to their home country are: Domestic staff, swimming pools, owning their property or owning more than one property.”

In terms of the best country in the world for raising children, it was France that features in top position. In the Raising Children Abroad league table, which ranked countries according to childcare, health and wellbeing, and integration. Children in France, the Netherlands and Australia have it best, with expat kids in these countries being more likely to spend time outdoors and playing sport.

France also scored well for social integration amongst expat children, with expat parents in this area of Europe being more likely to claim that their children are not missing friends and family at home, 58%, compared to the global average, which was 35%. In addition to this, the report also revealed that expat parents in France also spend more time with their children since moving abroad and 62% think their children are safer following their relocation.

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