France attracts new expat demographic

Historically the demographic for expatriates living and working in France consisted of retirees; people looking to spend their retirement years in the relative peace and quiet of the French countryside. However, recent research published in The Connexion—an online resource for English speakers living in France—suggests that rising numbers of expatriates in the region are aged below 50.

According to The Connexion, the fact that almost half of the people purchasing property in France are below the age of 50 is directly related to the increased broadband coverage throughout the country. This view is supported by Alistair Lockhart, a manager within French Property Agents, who was quoted as saying: “Now the younger person moving out can conceivably work and generate revenue from the middle of nowhere.”

The improvement in broadband coverage throughout France has taken place progressively over the past ten years. In 2000, only 33% of the country had access to broadband services but it is now estimated that 98% of the people living in France are now able to access the Internet via broadband technology. Where France was once inaccessible for people who wished to earn a living online, or who needed fast Internet access for work purposes, it is now able to offer the technology that people require to work remotely. Discussing this in The Connextion, Lockhard commented:

“Quite a few of the younger families have a fairly white-collar, professional IT background. This makes it possible for them to provide for their children and offer a more simple and healthier existence.

“The trend is to live more simply and go back to basics,” he added.

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