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Expat medical insurance can be very confusing. There are many different types of health and medical insurance available on the market and it is important that you thoroughly research the different options before you select your health insurance. A good starting point is to identify what types of healthcare will, and won’t, be available to you in the host country. Each Expat Info Desk relocation guide contains comprehensive information about the healthcare systems within popular expatriate destinations throughout the world and gives you full information pertaining to the care that is on offer, and the level of service you can expect together with details about how you can attain private healthcare and contact details for private hospitals and clinics throughout the city.

Probably the best source for individual expat health insurance is Expat Financial. They have a whole host of international health plans for expats around most of the globe. Great rates and service at no extra cost as they are paid by the insurer you choose – you still get direct service and premiums from the insurer as well.

Some countries have reciprocal agreements whereby expatriates are provided with access to national health services free of charge. Whereas in others there will be absolutely no coverage whatsoever and without an appropriate expat medical insurance you put your life at risk.

The first step expatriates should take when selecting a medical insurance provider is to familiarize themselves with the various plans on offer. There are basically three types of plan available-

International Expat Medical Insurance

International medical insurance can be a short or long term insurance premium that is designed to provide expatriates with cover for medical expenses that they incur when they are living abroad. For further insights into this, please see our free guide to expat healthcare insurance.

Travel Protection Plan

Travel protection plans cover expats for any problems they may encounter while they are traveling. Typically plans will cover issues relating to lost luggage, airline strikes, death, accidents, travel company problems and health problems. Some premiums may cover medical costs encountered while traveling but such coverage will generally be only short term.

Flight Accident Insurance

Flight accident insurance covers expatriates in the event that they are involved in an air traffic incident. In such circumstances, the insured, or their beneficiary, will be paid a lump sum for any death or serious injury that results from an accident involving the airplane. It does not cover the expatriate for any health care costs while they are living abroad.

Expats will generally require both travel insurance and expat medical insurance at a bare minimum. Travel protection will be needed when you travel to and from your home and host country or when you take vacation abroad, while international medical insurance will be needed when you are actually living overseas.

For detailed insights into the questions you should ask when selecting a medical insurance provider please see our guide to expat health insurance.

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