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    Posted by Nate,  6 replies

    I have been considering moving away from the United States for a year or two. Ideally I am thinking 3 to 6 months in a few different locations such a Thailand, Indonesia and possibly Mexico. I pay for medical insurance but I wonder how that would work in another country? Would I need to keep my medical insurance in the USA seeing that I wont be around? Paying $500 a month for it now and would be great to have that cash in my pocket but not sure what happens if say I get in an accident in another country.


    6 replies


    This is a question you should ask your insurance company. They have different rules for different policies.


    Really, 2 months and no responses? This is a big question for a lot of us, why is there such little information or advice available on this subject?


    Your insurance coverage ends at the border (this is true even for Medicare). If you were going to be out of the country for under 45 days, you could just opt for a short-term international policy which are relatively inexpensive. However, you indicate that your planning on 3-6 months long trip, so will need a long-term policy. Just to get an idea on the cost I just ran a quote on the globaltrekhealth website and a gold level policy for a female age 35 (wild guess at the age) was under $150 per month (for plans that cover pre-existing conditions, you have to buy up to the platinum plan).

    The other thing to consider is remembering to reapplying for health coverage on your return to the U.S. as International health policies will not cover you in your home country. The good news is moving from a foreign country back to the U.S. qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period, but you must do that within 60 days of your repatriation.

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    Thanks for the information, JohnM. That was very informatiive



    I understand your concern. Do one thing, After you move to Mexico from US. Register to Lakeside medical Group.

    Lakeside Medical Group is an HMO based out of Mexico. They offer treatment to US and Canada citizens based on their existing US/Canada Health Insurance. No requirement of Co-Pays not any deductibles. The registration with Lakeside Medical Group is also totally free .


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