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    Jeff Butts

    Covid has opened up some new opportunities. I am working full time from home and very productive. My employer is rather supportive of teleworking because it helps reduce traffic congestion, reduces air contamination and keeps employees happily productive.

    I have strong ties in El Salvador and visit a couple of times per year. My friend has an uncle who is selling the perfect home! It’s in a private residence and has a large park with pool. It would be a lot cheaper to live there and I could spend time with loved ones.

    I am going to bring it up to my work. I imagine it may get a little complicated because I work in government and they are very “to the T.” I will need to not only convince them from a workflow but a legal standpoint. Has anybody had a similar situation?

    I would like to know how to keep a residence in Colorado and live in El Salvador. Has anybody kept residence in a state while living abroad and not using physical address of family or friend? I appreciate any help.

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