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    David T

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    Hi, bit quiet here!

    I’m moving to London with my company and whilst they’re being helpful I just want to make sure I’m prepared. My question is – are there specific tax issues I need to be aware of as I do this? I know I will still need to file taxes with the U.S. while I’m gone, any advice on best ways to go about that would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


    6 replies

    Thanks for posting our first topic Jane, yes we know it’s a bit quiet but you’ve got to start somewhere! As to your question whilst we can’t offer specific advise hopefully the following can help.

    As you’re moving with your company they should be able to help you with most questions and will make your tax filing a lot easier than going on your own. Firstly from a UK perspective, general information about taxes and employment in the UK can be found here:


    From a U.S. perspective, the U.S. embassy in London has a section on their website which should give you a few pointers:


    Also if you haven’t already take a look through our the section on our website about meeting your obligations back home:


    Also our Expat Directory lists companies that can help you file tax returns whilst living abroad:



    Thanks George that’s helpful. I also came across this site which has helped a lot:



    Jane, whilst what they’ve written is helpful you might have better luck posting questions on forums dedicated to US expats living in the UK such as



    Oh you don’t allow links?


    That’s something we’re working on. There should be a fix for this by next week.


    Not to much help on filing your taxes. But here is a good link which explains FATCA which will heavily affect Americans in the future.


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