How well do you know Chicago? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Which popular fast food restaurant originated in Chicago?

2. What is Chicago’s official flower?

3. What was Lincoln Park before it became a park?

4. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is well know, what is the name of its second airport though?

5. What was responsible for Chicago’s nickname as the windy city?

6. What does the name Chicago mean?

7. On the shore of which lake is Chicago situated?

8. In which American state is Chicago?

9. A third of Chicago was razed as a result of the Great Fire in?

10. The World’s Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago in?

11. The first of the Playboy Clubs opened in Chicago in?

12. Sears Tower, the tallest building in the world for next 30 years, was completed in?

13. US President-elect Barack Obama made his victory speech in Grant Park, Chicago in?

14. If you give your business card to an American and they put it into their pocket or wallet, it means that they are not interested in you?

15. You can expect Americans to be very direct with you. They are not concerned about saving face?

16. It is common practice to exchange gifts with Americans when meeting for business purposes?

17. You should not publicly use toothpicks in the USA?

18. Business conversation should never be conducted during mealtimes?

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Five top tips

01Before choosing somewhere to live in Chicago thoroughly research all areas. This decision will have a direct impact on your way of life in this city.
02Choose your children’s school first and then look for an accommodation as the area you live in may determine the school your child can attend.
03The US Social Security administration also advises you wait 10 days after arriving in the United States to apply for a Social Security number.
04Chicago can be extremely hot in summer but very cold in winter. Bear this in mind when searching for accommodation; you'll need good AC and heating!
05Subscribe to a local Newspaper. We advise the Chicago Tribune. It is a good way to get familiar with both the city and what is going on.

Interesting fact

Chicago is home to over 40 museums, more than 150 theaters and over 6,000 restaurants.