Expat Book Review: The Expat Arc

The Expat Arc: An Expat’s Journey Over Culture Shock tells the personal story of Danielle Barkhouse, a Canadian-born citizen who experiences life as a trailing spouse in many different countries throughout the world.

The Expat Arc focuses specifically on Danielle’s time in India and contains a series of stories that describe her life with her husband, son and dog. The book commences with the background to how she moved from Illinois to Chennai and gradually moves through the events of the entire year as she relocates, settles in and slowly comes to terms with a life that is so very different from that on offer in her native home.

The book is extremely fun and honest. As Danielle herself says: “Don’t read this if you’re expecting deep insights on culture, politics or religion in India. Oh no. I’m far too shallow and lack the intelligence necessary for that. I’m not an expert about anything. I’m just here for a good time and amusing myself about it to stay sane.” However, despite the propensity to view things with a sense of humor, the author succeeds in providing some valuable insights into the realities and practicalities of dealing with culture shock in India and adjusting to life in a place that is so different.

If you are contemplating a move to India and are looking for a really honest look at what life will be like, then you should not miss The Expat Arc. Enriched with links to useful sites, together with numerous pictures, it is a must read for all those who wish to settle in India.

The book will also make an interesting read for expats who are relocating and would like to gain insights into what living abroad is really like. Regardless of where you intend living, Danielle’s journey will be sure to inspire, motivate and enlighten you.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk