Book Review: Expat Entrepreneur by Jo Parfitt

More and more trailing spouses and expatriates are going it alone and setting up their own business. If you’re considering taking the plunge and working for yourself then the Expatriate Entrepreneur by Jo Parfitt is a must read.

Both inspiration and informative, the book provides practical advice and insights into starting a portable career that can allow you to travel where in the world you want, when you want. Written by an expatriate entrepreneur who has first hand experience of going it alone in a foreign country, the book also features the real life stories of 20 more expat business owners and provides really comprehensive details of those who have “been there and done that.”

Section one of the book starts from square one and is aimed at helping readers to commence the process to becoming their own boss. It looks at a number of issues, including developing business ideas that can be translated into a profitable concept and understanding the character traits that will be necessary to be successful as your own boss. Other topics addressed in the section cover the importance of networking, how to remain inspired and which businesses work best for expatriates. What sets this book apart from many of the other guides to becoming an entrepreneur that are available on the market is that Jo doesn’t just point out what you need to do and when, she offers first-hand advice about what actually works.

The second section of the book progresses to feature the stories of expatriate entrepreneurs who have made a success of their ventures and are now sharing their experiences and insights with the readers. Each entrepreneur provides details of their business, what caused them to start it, why and how their business works and which resources they believe will be of the most use to someone starting out for the first time. The stories are fun, interesting and extremely inspiring.

The final section of Jo Parfitt’s ‘Expat Entrepreneur’ is entitled ‘Where in the World’ and it details useful resources in thirty-five of the world’s most popular countries that can help would-be expatriate entrepreneurs to establish their business successfully.

The book will be a great read for someone who is feeling uninspired in their life overseas or a trailing spouse who is looking for new ideas or even the confidence to know that it is possible for expatriates to be successful business owners.

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk