10 Expat Retiree Bloggers Who Can Teach You About Life Overseas

If you are looking for insights into what life as a retiree overseas is really like, then there is no better place to go than straight to the horse’s mouth. Reading blog articles written by people who are actually living out their retirement overseas can be both inspiring and informative and can be a really great source of information for people who are seriously considering retiring abroad. Here’s a selection of blogs that are maintained by overseas retirees or people who have given up their jobs at home in favor of a low cost of living overseas:

Jim & Carole’s Mexico Adventure

Jim and Carole’s Mexican Adventure charts the life of two American retirees in Mexico. The entries are extremely comprehensive and illustrated with stunning photographs of the places they have visited. If you’re considering retiring in Mexico then this is a great place to learn about the lifestyle on offer and the rich travel experiences that the area has to offer.

Latest entry: Puebla Part 8: The Great Pyramid, above ground and below

Retired in Thailand and Loving It

This blog offers a portrait of an American retiree who has opted for life in Thailand and is, as the title so accurately depicts, loving it. Malcolm is a colorful character and his great posts describe what day-to-day life in a small village in Thailand is really like. The blog is full of interesting and amusing stories about his experiences abroad and will be a great read for anyone who is considering rural life in Thailand for their retirement.

If you would like to learn more about living in Thailand please do check out our expat guide to Bangkok.

Latest entry: What’s that noise?

Nancy and Chuck – Retirement in Ecuador

This blog charts the retirement lifestyle in Ecuador for Nancy and Chuck, who left behind their lives in Washington in favor of Ecuador after visiting the country on holiday. Their blog is regularly updated with details of their experiences as expat retirees in Ecuador as well as providing details about their various trips throughout the world. It’s a great read and really inspiring for retiree’s who are interested in sampling life abroad while also exploring the wider world.

Latest entry: Marrakech, Morocco

Retired in Malaysia

Retired in Malaysia is a blog written by a US retiree who opted to spend his retirement years in Malaysia. The blog describes his life as a retired American in Penang and provides insightful posts into what life is really like in this Malaysian city. The blog is a great resource for people who are considering retiring as an expatriate as it offers real advice that was gained from the experiences of one expat who took the plunge.

Latest entry: Where’s Malaysia?

Why Panama?

Why Panama is much more than an expatriate blog. It is an extremely comprehensive website that provides would-be retirees with everything they need to know about packing their bags and retiring in Panama. Compiled by a Canadian expatriate and his wife, the site is packed full of information about living and retiring in Panama and also provides personal blog posts that describe what life there is really like.

Latest entry: October 2011

Mubuhay! Greetings from the Philippines

Mubuhay is a great online blog and information site that provides a wealth of information about retiring in the Philippines. Compiled by an American called Barry, the site details everything you need to know about living in this Asian country, including information about the cost of living, places to visit and history and facts about the country.

Latest entry: Hey Joe

Rewired and retired in Nicaragua

This lovely blog describes the lives of Debbie and Ron, retired US expatriates who live on an island called Ometepe in Nicaragua. The entries describe life as it really is on the island and many of them are accompanied with interesting and funny photographs that document the realities of retirement in this Central American country. A great read and highly recommended for people who are thinking of spending their retirement years in this part of the world.

Latest entry: The human termites

Americans in Umbria

This blog is written by US citizens who have purchased a property in Umbria and are currently planning their retirement to Italy. The articles provide a wide range of information about the Italy and Umbria and many of the posts are supplemented with beautiful images of the region that would tempt even the most patriotic citizen to sample retirement abroad. The blog makes for really interesting reading.

Latest entry: Why Umbertide?

Happier than a billionaire

A great blog that accompanies the book “Happier than a billionaire” and charts the life of a US expatriate who opted for an early retirement in Costa Rica. The site is packed full of information about living in this Central American country and contains interesting insights into everyday events such as visiting the hospital, living with the wildlife and avoiding tickets from the police. The blog is very amusing and each entry is really interesting to read. Highly recommended for people who are considering retiring in Central America.

Latest entry: Blame it on the moon


“This is all about my transition from an American lifestyle and culture to my newest adventure, life in Cuenca, Ecuador. I’ll be recapping some of my day-to-day experiences (and mishaps) to highlight what it’s like to live here.”

This great blog provides comprehensive postings about the life of a US expatriate in Ecuador. If you’re looking to read interesting articles about everyday life and the practicalities of setting up home overseas then the various posts on this blog will provide you with just what you need.

Latest entry: Spanish – The Difference a Letter Makes

Have you retired abroad? Do you regularly update a blog that may be of interest to our expatriate community and people who are considering retiring overseas? If so, please leave a comment in the comment field below and share details of your blog.

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