Stop Press : Shanghai Expat Show Commenced

Shanghai Expat show

Shanghai Expat Show

The Shanghai Expat show commenced yesterday, Friday 18th September, and will continue to run at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre until the 20th September 2009.

This year’s convention area has been split into four distinct areas that will offer expats exposure to advice on money, the home, leisure activities and lifestyle in the city of Shanghai. Visitors will be able to access expert support and advice pertaining to finance, education, housing options and expatriate healthcare.

In addition to advice stands there will also be an exhibition area that will display local artwork, an area for children to take place in workshops and a relaxation area where attendees can have a free massage.

Attendees at the conference will also have an opportunity to meet with representatives from local charities and be encouraged to sign up for voluntary work within the local community groups.

Registration for the show, which is free of charge, is still available.

David Tompkins
Author: David Tompkins