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Hong Kong's public transport is one of the most efficient, clean and safe systems in the world and there is a wide range of accessible options available regardless of where you live. These include the underground train (MTR), ferries, surface trains, buses, taxis and tram. Further details about all of these can be found in the "Public Transport" section. Public transport in Hong Kong is very safe; trains and buses are often under constant surveillance. In the past, minibus drivers had a reputation for driving erratically at high speeds but in recent years this has been the subject of much attention and the situation is improving. Most of the minibuses now contain public speedometers that alert the passengers to the driver's speed and offenses are treated very seriously.

While the majority of public transport closes at midnight, many buses continue to run through the night and there is never a shortage of taxis available to take you to your destination at a very reasonable price.

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