Mass Expat Exodus From Libya Commences

Governments all over the world have been making urgent plans to bring home their citizens amid growing concerns that chaos and bloodshed in the North African country will continue.

According to oil industry experts, approximately 50% of production has ceased since the riots began last week and tens of thousands of foreign workers are exiting the country amid fears for their safety.

In many cases, oil companies have taken their own measures to try and protect their expat employees. Talking to the EU Observer, a BP spokesman said: “We are putting together a plan to help people leave over the next few days.”

Many countries have chartered private aircraft to evacuate their citizens but rescued expats have relayed stories of crowded and unorganized airports that are overflowing with stranded passengers.

According to Bloomberg, the evacuation of more than 30,000 Turkish nationals from Libya constitutes the biggest evacuation in Turkey’s history. While governments in the US, Russia, the UK and China have also begun sending ships and airplanes to evacuate their foreign residents. A full schedule of the evacuation plans for 15 nations can be found on the BBC website: Evacuation Plans.

Libyan protestors commenced rioting last week in an attempt to end the rule of Muammar Gaddafi. The ensuing government crackdown has led to the deaths of hundreds of protestors with the regime employing foreign mercenaries armed with assault rifles, tear gas, and heavy weapons in an attempt to quell the rioting.