Expats in Seoul Offered Funding for Cultural Events

Expats living in Seoul, Korea are to be offered financial support towards a program of cultural events as part of a scheme run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

According to reports issued last Wednesday, expats will be offered up to 80% of the cost of the event, up to a maximum of 6 million won, or $5,320.

The move has come as part of a string of activities aimed at improving the lives of expats living in Seoul. Since 2003, a number of events have been arranged and sponsored with the government recognizing the importance of providing expats an opportunity to network and integrate with the local population.

Any expatriates interested in applying for access to funds as part of the program should do so by February 23rd 2011. Applicants will be required to submit an application, overview brief of the event and its background and a detailed plan of the event in either Korean or English.

Full details of the application process and accompanying requirements can be found on the Seoul Global Centre website global.seoul.go.kr or the city’s website seoul.go.kr.